Portland Pride Events 2023

Portland Pride Events 2023 – Plans to Never Look Away: Art Mural Portland Pride LGBTQ+ Youth Community BuildingCommunity Outreach and SupportGeorge T. Nicola Fellowship

In 2023, the annual Portland Pride Waterfront Parade will take place on the weekend of July 15-16. The Portland Pride Parade will take place on Sunday, July 16. The change in the availability of waterfront parks has created a long-sought opportunity to make significant changes to the Portland Pride waterfront festival and parade.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Portland Pride Events 2023

Over the years, Northwest Pride has considered changing the dates of the Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade several times for a number of reasons, including the continued overlap with other major cultural events (June Festival, Delta Park Pow Wow , etc.). Portland is a bustling city of events in the spring and summer, and moving was not a viable option as there were no dates available for the waterfront. Besides that, no other venue in Portland isn’t big enough or has the infrastructure to host an event the size of the Portland Pride Waterfront Festival, or a large parade like the Portland Pride Parade. It’s certainly frustrating for us and for many in our community.

Maine Is Bursting With Pride Events. Here’s Where To Find Them

Debra Porta, Executive Director of Pride Northwest, said: “We are often put in a ‘competitive’ position with other community celebrations, even though we are working on the back end.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Building relationships and supporting different identities within the LGBTQIA2S+ community, at the end of the day, none of us really have the opportunity to support each other in celebrations in a truly meaningful way, or to create in a truly meaningful way. proactive an environment where LGBTQIA2S+ people can express themselves without them being asked to be in The feeling of choosing between parts of yourself. Newly elected Pride Northwest Board Chair Robert Turvey added, “We look forward to continuing to build and strengthen relationships and create environments where LGBTQIA2S+ people can celebrate the fullness of their identity. .

Over the next few days, more details will be shared on the Portland Pride website (www.portlandpride.org), including registration dates and processes for 2023. Email Debra Porta with any questions to [email protected] Portland’s LGBTQ+ community might be looking at Pride Month in June, but there are celebrations throughout the year. Here are some of the best LGBTQ+ movies, music, drag and comedy.

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Portland Pride Events 2023

London Pride Parade, Early Jul, 2023

Unlike “fringe” festivals in other cities, the Portland Fertility Festival only includes performances by local artists and theater companies, and there are no judges. The 11-day event provides a platform for underrepresented voices, giving audiences the opportunity to experience innovative multimedia performances, traditional music and theatre, dance and even comedy.

As the name suggests, a red dress party is mandatory regardless of the gender of the guests. What started as a basement party in 2001, the annual gala has grown into a 2,000+ person event that raises over $30,000 a year for local LGBTQ+ organizations.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Portland’s official LGBTQ+ Pride Festival and Parade includes a two-day celebration at Waterfront Park in addition to the annual parade. Weekend festivities draw visitors from up and down the West Coast as well as big-name entertainers.

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Festival-goers walk past the white stag sign in Portland, Oregon, customizing their best pride attire for the annual Portland Pride Parade.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Often held in conjunction with Portland Pride, Portland Black Pride offers African American members of the LGBTQ+ community the opportunity to network and celebrate their culture.

Since 2006, community volunteers have organized the multi-day Portland Latino Pride Festival, which celebrates and honors the city’s Latino community with performances, parties, and the Mariposa Awards.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Me Celebrates Pride

The Oregon Empire Rose Palace is Oregon’s oldest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) organization and hosts the Oregon Gay Fest annually. Pageant Crowning Mr., Mx. & Miss Gay Oregon is held annually at CC Slaughters, one of Portland’s oldest gay bars and vibrant nightclubs.

Portland has no shortage of LGBTQ-owned and gay-friendly bars and clubs. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing night out with friends, an energetic dance party, or a drag show, Portland has it all.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Visitors to Portland can catch a huge LGBTQ+ pride parade, drag shows, a queer film festival, dance parties and more.

Celebrating Pride Month And World Bicycle Day!

The Portland Institute of Contemporary Art brings together artists from around the world for 10 days of unmissable festival of contemporary performance and visual arts.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Portland’s queer documentary film festival, QDoc, co-founded by David Weissman (“We Were Here”), attracts filmmakers from across the country to screen their work in Hollywood theaters.

Portland’s annual Queer Film Festival highlights the filmic contributions of LGBTQ+ artists near and far. The annual event takes place at Cinema 21 in Northwest Portland.

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Portland Pride Events 2023

A Far Right Plan To Riot Near An Idaho Lgbtq Event Heightens Safety Concerns At Pride

Imperial Sovereign Rose Court is Oregon’s oldest LGBTQ+ organization and hosts two major events each year. Oregon Gay Extravaganza in June and the annual Coronation Ball (to crown the Emperor and Queen) every October. Court members act as community fundraising leaders.

When not touring internationally, the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus performs locally throughout the year. The annual holiday concert is a Portland tradition.

Portland Pride Events 2023

This inclusive choir welcomes people of all gender identities, sexual orientations and musical abilities. The Portland Lesbian Choir is committed to providing thoughtful entertainment at its biannual concerts and community performances.

Looking Back On 40 Years Of Portland Pride

Every summer, the Portland Pride Festival and Parade takes place across the city to make a name for itself and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Bump! is an organized festival of short pornographic films, made by real people for real people. Filmmakers and stars show us the hot and the sexy, the creative and the kinky, the thrills and the craziest fantasies. Our program is a cornucopia of body types, shapes, ages, skin tones, sexual orientations, genders, quirks and fetishes, all bound by a common ethic…

Savor the sweet glamor and delicious sassiness of Portland’s retro nightlife presented by Lacy Productions: BELLE SUPPER CLUB: A wacky cabaret dinner party at Portland’s Victorian Belle Mansion. Escape from everyday life at THE BELLE SUPPER CLUB (in an enclosed and heated garden area) and indulge in cabaret dreams while enjoying dinner, cocktails,…

Portland Pride Events 2023

Portland Pride Run

Imagine walking through a quiet bar into a lush, decadent and unique speakeasy. You descend the stairs to be greeted by a beautiful and eerie environment, vendors of wares to delight your senses, the most glorious liquor, food to nourish your weary soul, and a magical creature to tell your fortune. inside…

Portland’s only *ban white straight* comedy show. The hugely popular comedy show Femme-Forward is one year old, and 4th Wall is celebrating with its biggest and best show yet, promising over two hours of top-notch stand-up comedy. With: Katie Nguyen, Julia Corral, Rachelle Cochran, Tory Ward and host Danelle…

Portland Pride Events 2023

On Friday March 17, Marla Darling and Sonnei Verbena will be there to help you overcome your fear of music. Enjoy acts of Portland drag and burlesque on this unique experience. Artists only: The Peanut Butter Prince (Tucson, AZ) Tula Petals Beebee Sanchez Eva D’Luscious…

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Orlando Pride Announces 2023 Regular Season Schedule Presented By Orlando Health

Directed by Jennie Livingston and featuring icons such as Dorian Corey, Pepper LeBeija, Venus Xtravaganza, Willie Ninja and many more, PARIS IS BURNING documents the 80s New York drag scene, focusing on prom, voguing and the ambitions and dreams of transgender people. who gave the era its queer icon warmth and energy. Film screenings/benefit…

Portland Pride Events 2023

Dare to be different. Dare to desire. Dare to be a DAPPER. Experience elegant and seductive burlesque and drag performances at DAPPERLESQUE: a gender-specific burlesque show presented by Lacy Productions and Alberta Rose Theatre. Bringing you the most elegantly dressed, sultry, dare we say slutty performance artists from funny, boy, drag…

The Portland Gay Choir The Body Electric concert pays homage to the community’s endless struggle against oppression, the quest for a more perfect union, and the inalienable strength that lies within each of us. Join us in raising our voices to celebrate all that we are and all that we hope to be.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Pride Returns To Shine A Light On Worcester’s Lgbtq Community

Mykki Blanco evolves. They forged a pioneering path in the world of hip-hop during the first decade of their career, a decade that saw them release groundbreaking projects like Gay Dog Food, Mykki Blanco and Mutant Angel as well as their wide-ranging With acclaimed lineup. critically acclaimed 2016 debut album Mykki – the 35-year-old takes…

Drunk Herstory: A queer story told by Portland’s most drunken drag performer. Come and enjoy live sketch comedy about the people, places and events that have shaped the LGBTQIA community into what we are today. Hosted by Shandi Evans and Dahlia Hearts.

Portland Pride Events 2023

Sometimes the worst stories are all too true. Fuse tells the story of Nikki Kuhnhausen, a transgender teenager who died in a 2019 hate crime in Vancouver, Washington. Based on in-depth interviews with Nikki’s family and friends, this original series tells a modern American story of addiction, homelessness and family life. Abuse, sex work and murder…

Weymouth & Portland Pride

A visually stunning queer multimedia show celebrating Siren herself…Florence + The Machine. Ceremonials: A Florence + The Machine Drag Show explores the British indie rock band’s impressive 15-year slate using the historic Clinton Street Theater cinema screen as a dynamic backdrop

Portland Pride Events 2023

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