Houston Tx Events June 2023

Houston Tx Events June 2023 – Instrumentation Plant Design Systems and CONVAL® Business Work Process and Knowledge Advisor. Alex’s experience includes nearly 30 years of instrumentation design and engineering in instrumentation design and information management systems primarily for SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools) in various consulting and management roles prior to the acquisition of INtools by Intergraph, managing the North American Instrumentation and Electrical Support and Services division of Intergraph PP&M, SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartPlant Explorer product management and, later, business unit management in Intergraph Russia and CIS countries. He has been involved in the deployment and continuous operational support of SmartPlant instrumentation at several other US and international EPC companies including Exxon, Chevron, BP, ConocoPhillips, Marathon as well as BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical and Floor, KBR, Technip. and others. I have led or significantly contributed to the short, medium and long term roadmap for SmartPlant instrumentation between 1997 and 2016.

His most recent passion has been driving the success of CONVAL in the North American market and exploring alternative competitive industrial I&E design solutions to improve management of plant instrument data and documents.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

Houston Tx Events June 2023

He also sees the introduction of WiseTools INView and INP&ID solutions for plants focused on instrumentation and P&ID information access and viewing.

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SPI owner-operator and project specification planning, detailed definitions, review and implementation compliance monitoring, owner representation on the project implementation team;

Houston Tx Events June 2023

Experienced and trusted consultant and demonstrated history of working with technologically advanced products. Skilled in business development, identifying and understanding customer needs, collaborating with cross-functional team members and leaders, project management and providing solutions to complex problems.

General Manager with extensive experience in winning, designing and delivering key Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial, Power, Aerospace, Marine, Water and Waste Management capital projects, distribution and MRO contracts involving valves, valve automation, control valves, solenoids, positioners . Limit Switches, Metering and Flow Control Slides Engineering Solutions.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

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Hands-on experience in providing training, products and services to various engineering and procurement companies, sales channels, international representatives, local/international distributors, end users in the oil and gas, mining, power, marine, water and waste management industries in the US and internationally.

Petrochemical specialist with extensive operations, turnaround, maintenance and mechanical skills. Strong experience in the start-up of two chlorine production facilities and lead commissioning coordinator of the new $2B MEGlobal Oyster Creek facility. Implementation and training in SAP. Known and respected as a proven leader with excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as effective collaboration and fostering of quality relationships with all levels of staff, turnaround and maintenance.

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Houston Tx Events June 2023

Barry Hoffner, Director of Quarter Turn Products at Ladish Valves, has over 30 years of experience in the chemical and refining industries. As a chemical engineer, Barry brings a unique perspective to the flow control space. His focus over the years in the valve industry has been on application engineering and the development of severe service and engineered ball valves.

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Bradford has 35 years of experience with Valtek® and Flowserve, collaborating and leading as an application engineer, project manager, product manager and product principal. He excels at finding solutions to unusual and difficult applications. As a project manager, Bradford regularly delivers technically complex, multi-million-dollar projects. During his career, he has successfully proposed, led and delivered numerous new products and critical product improvements. Some of these include: Survivor™ Anti-Erosion Control Valve; VL-ES pneumatic actuator product line; Identify 100 high-efficiency control valves; Stealth, the most advanced anti-noise control valve design; An extensive MegaStream™ product update that delivers significantly lower noise levels; and DiamondBack™ and SideWinder™ series anti-cavitation control valves.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

Bradford holds several patents in control valve construction, anti-noise designs for control valves, and anti-cavitation designs for control valves. Bradford earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University.

From inventory control, operations, sales, accounting and finance, and now business development, he has a wide range of production and manufacturing experience in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

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His primary responsibilities include managing business development and growth activities as well as sales activities across the company.

His passion leads his team through continuous improvement of processes related to the corporate quality management system to deliver the highest quality products and services.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

Dr. Brindesh Dhruva serves as EVP, Marketing and Chief Technology Officer for Houston-based Bray International, a world-leading developer of valve and actuator technology. He holds a PhD in Engineering and Applied Science from Yale University.

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Brindesh holds several patents and has been published in several technical journals. Prior to joining Bray in early 2013, Brindesh held various strategic management positions at Schlumberger over a 14-year period with responsibility for product development across various business units and global locations.

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Houston Tx Events June 2023

Brittany Kelly is currently a Design Engineer III for A.W. Chesterton Company. She joined Chesterton in 2019 as a design engineer focusing on new product development, engineering solutions (custom designs) and R&D, low-emission ceiling solutions. Brittany’s experience spans a wide variety of industries including mineral processing, aerospace and RF absorbent materials. This allowed her to acquire knowledge in manufacturing, process engineering, R&D and new product design. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Materials Engineering from McGill University in Montreal.

Bronson Pate has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental field. Bronson now works as client relationship manager for TRICORD Consulting. Bronson is familiar with VV, VVa, GGG, GGGa, KKK, QQQ, MON, HON, API 622, API 624, TA-LUFT, ISOM 1500 and has worked with various facilities to develop LDAR programs, including those related to LDAR. Compliance determination requirements. He has experience in Leak Detection and Remediation (LDAR) monitoring including fugitive emission sources, tagging and database management, process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) review. He has participated in and led several dozen CD LDAR audits. Bronson has additional experience in the environmental sector focusing on air quality compliance in the refining, petrochemical and natural gas processing industries.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

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Branson is familiar with air clearance including MACT, BACT, netting and heading. Bronson is one of the HSE-U trainers for LDAR Essentials, Advanced LDAR and LDAR for Professionals. Prior to joining Sage, he served as a lead LDAR site supervisor and technician for various refineries and gasification facilities in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. He was responsible for component labeling, P&ID review, Method 21 fugitive monitoring and database management. He is also experienced in online leak sealing, specifically drill and taps, wire wraps, pin and pumps and clamp measurement for placement and sealing.

He has 21 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, where he started as a process engineer and progressed into various engineering and project management roles in various international locations.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

Carlo moved to Houston, TX in 2005 and joined ConocoPhillips in 2012 as a Corporate Valve SME, supporting both company projects and operations globally. He is an active contributor to various industry standardization bodies including API, IOGP, ASTM and ASME, leading several initiatives including the API 20S Task Force and various industry JIPs.

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A senior manager with a career in a top multinational company, with leadership roles in the US and India. Full P&L responsibility for an organization in India with good experience in R&D, operations, process optimization, costing and restructuring in a multicultural environment. Active participant in international working groups with many papers and studies published for standard setting organizations and conferences. An analytical and strategic thinker with a drive for teamwork and a focus on attracting and developing future leaders.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

Chance Russo was hooked on working with Valves from day one. “In the mid-1990s I worked at the Cameron facility where I learned to repair, assemble and test many brands and types of valves. “I’ve been working with valves ever since,” recalls Russo.

Today, Russo is Director of Sales and Projects at Sesto Valves, where his responsibilities include managing sales calls and distribution/representatives, quotes and products.

Houston Tx Events June 2023

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The Valve World Americas Conference will have specific presentations throughout the sessions available in Spanish. “My workshop doesn’t have a single topic. I include different topics that are presented in Spanish,” explains Russo. “This is an exciting opportunity to finally make the Valve World Americas Conference & Expo more inclusive, as the sessions will be held in Spanish for the first time. I hope to grow this into a much larger session over time.”

With the ability to select specific presentations to deliver throughout the conference, Russo decided to include presentations from as many session topics as possible. “Our industry is affected by many factors, which shows how strong and important these types of expos with workshops and training are to the industry. All manufacturers are constantly trying to learn and develop new ways to improve their products, and it is equally important for end users to be aware of these developments and technologies,” he said. He said. “Like everything else in our current state, technology is constantly evolving at a tremendous pace and this is leading to many changes and improvements in the valve industry. This leads to more available information on performance and reliability, which is ultimately shared among end users,” Russo added. “Manufacturers need to know

Houston Tx Events June 2023

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