Dayton Events August 2023

Dayton Events August 2023 – Our first dinner trip of the year! Join us for a good meal at the Little York Tavern. Weather permitting, we will leave the dealership at 6pm. Kennels are welcome to visit us at the hotel.

Join our members for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Miller Lane. Weather permitting, we will make a short hike. We’re having lunch this year so meet at 10:00am.

Dayton Events August 2023

Dayton Events August 2023

Our chapter is having an ax throwing social event on February 11th. Details of time and place are being finalized. Watch for more information as it becomes available.

Dayton Police Provide Minute By Minute Timeline Of Shooting

We meet monthly at the Buckeye Chapter behind the dealer. 6pm for dinner and gathering with friends and business meetings starting at 7pm. See you later!

Dayton Events August 2023

Join us for a good meal at the Little York Tavern. Weather permitting, we will leave the dealership at 6pm. Welcome to visit us at Cages Roadhouse.

We will be holding our monthly membership ride at dealerships on February 18th. If attending the monthly meeting is daunting, come to the dealership and talk to our membership team about what we do, when we do it, and any other questions you may have about our chapters. We are always looking for enthusiastic drivers.

Dayton Events August 2023

The Victims Of The Dayton Shooting: What We Know So Far

These are our activities currently planned for 2023. Entries in black are our HOG chapter events while entries in red are Buckeye Harley Davidson events which we will be attending with them. This list is subject to change. Check our Facebook page for details on hours or changes:

All National HOG members are eligible to join the Buckeye HOG Chapter. To join the Buckeye HOG Chapter, you must first become a National HOG Member, then submit a fully completed and signed “Chapter Registration and Waiver Form”. HOG is required to sign a release form every calendar year to maintain HOG Chapter membership. Please make sure you write your National HOG membership number and expiration date clearly and legibly. For more information contact our chapter at: [email protected] If you need a copy of the form, print the form below, fill it out and take it to a member meeting or membership drive. The long-running German Fest picnic in St. Historic Ann’s Hill is another popular attraction, but you can also attend newer events such as the Potato Festival at Inns Courthouse Square or about one at the Rose Music Center, Freeze Pavilion, and Leavitt Pavilion. Choose from dozens of music offerings.

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Dayton Events August 2023

Meanwhile, our amazing competition is receiving nominations for who should be the finalist, and we need your help. If you love events, we have categories including Best Annual Festivals, Best Concert Venues, Best Comedy Clubs, and more. Click here to nominate your favorite among the best!

Victims Of The Dayton And El Paso Shootings Remembered: ‘i’m Just Speechless’

When: 5pm to 11pm Friday, 11am to 11pm. Saturday and 11am to 4pm. Sunday, August 12-14

Dayton Events August 2023

Details: Since its founding in 1983, Picnic Fest Germany has celebrated German and German-American culture with food, music, cultural performances and more. The German club presents its 39th annual outdoor event on the edge of the St. Petersburg neighborhood. Historic Ann’s Hill. Polka Masses are held on Sundays at 10 am.

Details: Tower of Power and Lettuce, two different generations of funky bands, kicked off a busy few days at the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Friday, August 12. A living tribute to his legendary father, Bob Marley, on Saturday, Aug. 13. The Rose Music Center welcomes Booz Skaggs with special guests The Robert Cray Band and Jeff LeBlanc on Sunday, August 14.

Dayton Events August 2023

Calendar • Dayton, Oh • Civicengage

Details: After being canceled for the past two years due to concerns over COVID-19, Art on the Lawn in Yellow Springs is back at Mills Lawn School. Village Artisan offers outdoor arts and crafts exhibitions featuring the work of visual artists and craftsmen from Ohio and surrounding states.

Details: Goodwill Easter Sales Miami Valley brings select cover band The Menus in concert on Friday, Aug. 12. Freeze’s summer continues with Get the Lead Out: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin on Wednesday, August 17, and a double bill of TLC and Shaggy on Thursday, August 18.

Dayton Events August 2023

Details: Potatoes N’Such, the second annual Potato Festival, returns to Courthouse Square. Local foodies will serve a variety of dishes including all-purpose potatoes.

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Grief And Remembrance, 2 Years After Mass Shootings In El Paso And Dayton

Details: The 2022 Eichelberger Concert Season at Levitt Pavilion features a diverse roster of talent such as guitarist Jackie Venson on Friday, Aug. 12, and Cincinnati funk groups Freak Bass and Bump Assembly on Saturday, Aug. 13.

Dayton Events August 2023

Details: Restaurant Raiders is bringing Bacon Fest 2022 on Saturday, August 13th. The ninth annual event features food from local restaurants and live music from regional bands.

When: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Friday, noon to 10:00 pm Saturday, and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Sunday, August 12-14

Dayton Events August 2023

Gallery: Remembering The Dayton Mass Shooting Victims

Details: The City Recreation Department celebrates the city’s musical heritage with a Funk Festival. The Next Phase begins at 1:15 p.m., followed by Big Gill and Funky All Stars at 3:00 p.m. Music continues until 9pm. With appearances from Thump Daddy Funk Band, LYD and Larry Humphrey Band closed the festival.

Details: Premiere Productions presents the Elevation Worship Summer Tour featuring Kerry Jobe and Cody Corn for an evening of worship and celebration.

Dayton Events August 2023

Details: Berachah Valley will provide music for the upcoming film “Mayberryman”. The cast of “Mayberry Man” will be present.

Parties & Nightlife Events In Dayton

Details: Metro Library and Oral Funk Poetry Productions pay respects to Paul Lawrence Dunbar on his 150th birthday. Led by Sierra Leone, president, artistic director, and co-founder of OFP Theater and Production Company, the show features Mama Sol, Shawn Diggs, William Boatwright, Jr., Rico Romales Parker, Marva Williams Parker, Christopher Smith, and Vibe 5. are Bands

Dayton Events August 2023

Details: Directed by Carolyn Seymour, this one-act play was adapted from a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar. The play involves 10-20 young actors aged 7-18 years. The show will feature music by Scott Joplin and Iobe Blake as well as social dances such as the Cake Walk, Charleston and more.

Details: Springboro Community Theater presents Lionel Bart’s musical based on Charles Dickens’ novel “Oliver Twist.” Tracks include “Consider Yourself”, “Review the Situation” and “As Long as He Needs Me”.

Dayton Events August 2023

Art On The Commons

1 First Franchise Location to Open Springfield Barbecue Restaurant 2 Hotel Closes Today, New Life Comes on February 3 Worth the Drive: Hocking Hills One of the Most Beautiful Country… 4 New Sci-Fi TV Dramas Local Star Oakwood Needs Next 5 Years: A Look at His Music 2023 Scene Athletic Season Pass is now on sale for the 2022-2023 school year! All season tickets will be sold online and digitally. Entrance tickets will be scanned at the gate to all home regular season Dayton Christian athletic events.

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The Season Pass will provide Warrior fans with savings from paying general admission to every home event. Season passes are not valid for use at away games or contests, league tournaments, or OHSAA events.

Dayton Events August 2023

‘All Seasons’ Gold Tickets cost $125 each + fees. Great for regular season events at home for all seasons of sports at all levels.

Dave Chappelle Hosts Benefit Concert For Dayton, Ohio, Weeks After Mass Shooting

Football tickets are $40 each + fee. Great for all regular season high school and high school football games at home.

Dayton Events August 2023

Volleyball tickets are $45 each + fees. Great for all regular season middle school and high school volleyball games at home.

Football tickets are $60 each + fee. Good for all high school and high school regular season boys and girls football games at home.

Dayton Events August 2023

Year Old Killed In Shooting On Randolph Street In Dayton

Basketball tickets are $75 each + fees. Good for all high school and high school regular season boys and girls basketball games at home.

Wrestling tickets $30 each + fees. Suitable for all regular season middle school and high school wrestling competition at home.

Dayton Events August 2023

If DC students do not have season tickets to enter athletic events, they must purchase general admission tickets at the gate.

Dayton Scrap Pile Fire Put Out With Help Of Business Equipment Operators

If any DC faculty/staff do not have season tickets to scan for athletic events, they must purchase general admission tickets at the gate.

Dayton Events August 2023

Senior citizens (age 65+) can purchase ‘All Seasons’ Gold Passes for $85 each + fees. To purchase this special senior citizen pass online, you must contact the athletics office for your pass code.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming 2022-2023 athletics season and seeing tons of Warrior fans filling the stands!

Dayton Events August 2023

Dayton’s Linked In Quite Impressive; Spoiler Alert He’s Still In College!

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